Our Produce



We produce our tasty and tangy sourdough loaves everyday. Using a starter that has been lovingly cultivated over a long period of time, we are able to use real traditional processes for this truly artisan bread. It is believed that those who have problems digesting bread, find they can tolerate sourdough better. This is because the proteins in the bread are pre-digested in the fermentation process. (Though this is not recommended for all, and our breads are not suitable for coeliacs). But what's the best thing about sourdough? Unlike our other breads, which are best eaten the day they are made, Sourdough is even better the day after.


Our bakers use specialist french flour to produce our delicious crusty baguettes - the perfect accompaniment to soups or dinner.  And our tasty ciabatta and panini are always popular to make a lunchtime treat.


Using premium flour we produce a variety of white, multiseed and malted bread. We shape them in a number of styles to suit our customers tastes, from tin and sandwich to bloomers. Soft and crusty rolls and baps are also available.


At the weekend we also have a range of speciality breads including our Olive Flatbread, ideal for sharing.


Hot & Cold Drinks

Our wonderful artisan coffee and hot chocolate from Union Hand Roasted and fine teas from Twinings are available everyday . We also have a range of cold drinks available in our self service fridge, and amazing Pukka teas on our shelves.



We are thrilled to announce we have started to sell the beautiful Popkakery Popkakes and Mallow Pops. If you didn't know, Popkakes are amazing mouthfuls of cake, dipped in exquisite belgian chocolate and mounted on a stick. The cakes are gluten free, though some of the decorations aren't so please ask. The Mallow Pops are gooey marshmallow also mounted on a stick. Perfect for a treat or a gift, so why not give them a try. If you'd like to personalise a Popkake or Mallow Pop for a gift or even a wedding favour, please see their website: www.pokakery.com


Alongside the popkakes, we can also offer you an amazing variety of products from our local gluten free bakery, based in Great Horwood; Goodness Me Foods Ltd. We have cake slices, brownies, granola and cake mixes. It's been said you would never know they were gluten free so pick something up for for a snack on the run.


Using French flour and Corman Belgian butter we produce a range of patisserie fresh every day. From plain buttery croissant to delicious fruit danishes.



We have an ever changing ranges of cakes - perfect for a treat at home or work. Why not enjoy a slice with our artisan tea or coffee?



We can offer a variety of freshly made fillings which are perfect for our baguettes and rolls. Made as you order, you don't need to worry about your lunch. Or if you prefer something hot, we have sausage rolls made by our bakers or delicious home made soups created using locally sourced vegetables.











 To balance out the yummy cakes, we also sell products from the local company Selva Organic Foods Ltd. Selva Organic are producers and suppliers of high quality South American healthy foods. They offer a diverse range of responsibly sourced whole-foods, rich in antioxidants, proteins, minerals, fats, vitamins and other essential nutrients. 

Superfoods are roots, grains and fruits which can be shown to have higher nutritional concentrations than normal foods. Busy lives leave many people snacking on processed and enriched foods to get through the day.